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About us

Palm Beach ID Associates (PBIDA) specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of infectious diseases that can lead to many illnesses.  We are committed to providing the community the highest quality and world-class services in infectious disease care.  Our team specializes in handling many common to usual infections seen around the world.  We are the consultants that can be here for you when you need experts in this field.

What is an ID Consultant?


Infectious Disease Consultants are specialized physicians that can help identify and treat diseases that are caused by bacteria, viruses, fungi and more.  Most common infections are easily treated by PCP (primary care physicians),  but ID consultants are trained to look beyond the common causes with the trained eyes to consult them in diagnosis and treatment plan.  This may include physical exams reviewing medical history, labs, xrays, treatments, medications etc.

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Specializing in  Infectious Diseases, Treatments, and Management

Bacterial, Viral, Fungal Infections
Infusion Center
Travel Clinic

What are infectious diseases?

Infectious diseases can be caused by many pathogens, these can include bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites.  that may cause illness and disease. Your Primary Care physicians are able to take care of the common symptoms that these pathogens can cause.  

PBID Associates is thrilled to announce the opening of IV infusion of antibiotics and other medications.  

Our experts are here for you when you need assistance in vaccine recommendations for business and leisure related travel around the globe.  We also provide recommendations with uptodate guideline on common diseases you might face when in a particular geographical area.  Most vaccines are available to be provided at the clinic site.


What is Hepatitis?

Inflammation of the liver.  In the US, hepatitis A, B, and C are the most common hepatitis.  We are here provide consultation on diagnosis, treatment, and prevention plan.   click on the link below to learn more about different types of hepatitis, symptoms and causes.


HIV or human immunodeficiency virus attacks the person's immune system.  If not treated, HIV can lead to AIDS.  HIV is transmitted by contact with certain body fluids during vaginal or anal sex, sharing needles and can be passed during pregnancy to babies of infected mothers, for example.  Currently, there is no effective cure, but very effective HIV treatment.  Call us for consultation.  We are pleased to offer Concierge services for those who prefer private care.  

Employee Health

Recent pandemic has highlighted the importance of keeping businesses, schools, and parks and recreation areas safe for visitor, students and employees.  It is essential now more then every to have expert guidelines and consultation suited for individual organization.  Our clinicians are here to be there for you to assist in creating  those guidelines.  We also provide services in COVID TESTING for symptomatic and exposed individuals. 

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