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Our Approach

Our approach is simple.  We have our patients best interest in mind.  There are a few things that matter to us more then anything! That is looking at the whole picture when treating the patient.  Discussing options and keeping a line of communication open for side effects and concerns.  

We have a hand selected group of team members who share the same passion.  As the recent pandemic has brought the nations together in working on solutions to keep the world healthy, we have committed to keeping up on the most up to date guidelines to serve our patients needs.

OFFICE AND OTHER FACILTIES: We have teamed up with the local physicians, hospitals, long term care facilities and major nursing homes to facilitate and provide our services onsite!  You may have been referred to us by your physician or seen by one of our team members at a local facility.  If you were needing to continue at our office, please make an appointment, we will be happy to assist.

VIRTUAL OPTION: For those who wish to be seen virtually, please inform us of your choice and we can arrange a virtual visit.

CONCIERGE SERVICES - depending on the case and severity, concierge services are provided where a physician and/or a nurse can be arranged to visit you at your preferred location!  Additional fees applied.

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