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HIV Specialist Doctor

Find a Certified HIV Specialist Doctor or Travel Clinic Near You

HIV is a serious illness. However, the prognosis isn’t as grim as it once was. Many patients continue to live highly productive lives after contracting HIV, thanks to the wonders of modern medicine.

If you’re in search of a respected HIV specialist doctor to help diagnose your symptoms and recommend a course of treatment, come see us at PBIDA. We are the leading center for infectious diseases in South Florida and we have relationships with some of the top HIV doctors in the area. While there is no effective cure for HIV, it can be treated with the right medication regimen. Our doctors will be able to help relieve some of the worst symptoms of the disease and help you live a happier, healthier life.

While you can contract an infectious disease almost anywhere, it's most common when traveling abroad in developing areas. So, we also operate a fully functional travel clinic near you to provide assistance with vaccine recommendations for business or leisure-related travel.

Any time you go somewhere new, you put yourself at risk. Your body is not always prepared to handle the bacteria and viruses that exist in other parts of the world. Even if you are going somewhere familiar, it can’t hurt to get a vaccine recommendation or other health advice from an experienced doctor. We are proud to offer the best travel clinic near you. Our team of experts is here to recommend vaccines and provide up-to-date guidelines on potential diseases you may face when visiting a certain geographic area. We are happy to help in any way we can. Whether you need an HIV specialist doctor or a travel clinic near you, we are here to accommodate. Contact us today to book an appointment.

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